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January 2015

Skopje Airport Continues with Impressive Growth of Passenger Numbers in January

After an outstanding 2014 in which it exceeded all previous records of both passenger numbers and served flights, Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport continued its run of excellent results in the first month of 2015 after it served 87.275 passengers in January, making for an impressive increase of 41,6% in comparison with the same month the previous year. In the first month this year “Alexander the Great” has also served a total of 976 flights, thereby recording a notable rise of over 21% in this segment when compared to the same period last year.

Tickets for the six new routes from Macedonia’s Airports will cost 20 to 30 euros!

Starting from the end of June this year, flights to five new destinations to attractive European destinations at very affordable prices will be launched.
From the 30th of June, the low cost carrier Wizz Air will launch flights from Skopje to Barcelona every Tuesday and Saturday, with ticket prices starting from 1.799 MKD (30 Euros). Beginning from the 29th of June, for the same amount, passengers will also be able to fly from Skopje to Oslo in Norway.

Why Airport?

Airport experience is universal to all travelers: they are excited, feel good in that surrounding, and at the same time have the same needs for entertainment and new information. They are also at a point of captivation with a high dwell time where they are able and willing to absorb, engage and interact with media messages. This mindset presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to exploit, with the latest research in the field validating this fact and showing that consumers are exceptionally receptive to this media channel and a high majority of more than 85% of international flyers enjoying airport advertising. They expect to see premium brands and new technology as part of the ambiance on the airport, providing advertisers with an effective media for engaging and building a stronger relationship with this highly valuable audience.

Portline Macedonia - Media Presentation 2015

Check out our new media presentation for 2015.

Did you know?

The first passenger plane that landed at the Skopje Airport was the French “Potez 29“. This type of plane was designed and built by Avions Henry Potez. The Skopje flight was part of the route Belgrade-Skopje-Podgorica-Mostar-Sarajevo-Belgrade and in it were transported five passengers and a baggage load of 290 kg.