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October 2015

Skopsko with great creative execution

Our client Skopsko, started with their advertising activities this month. They branded the baggage claim track number two. Their creative is so well executed since their bottle can be seen in a 3D perspective.

ČSA Czech Airlines to launch flights from Prague to Skopje in 2016

According to high representatives from the company, ČSA Czech Airlines will resume services to the former Yugoslav countries in 2016, more than three years after it suspended all flights to the region. The airline plans to relaunch flights to Skopje, Sarajevo and Zagreb in April/May next year. The return to these markets marks a shift in policy for the airline, as all of ČSA’s routes in the region were suspended in an attempt to curb losses, while the airline started putting a greater focus on point to point passengers rather than those transferring through Prague.

Czech Airlines preliminary schedule

Czech Airlines has announced its preliminary schedule of flights to the countries from the former Yugoslavia region, in anticipation of the carrier’s new direct flights from Prague to Zagreb, Skopje and Sarajevo. Starting from the 19th of May, 2016, ČSA plans to operate three weekly flights on a seasonal basis to “Alexander the Great” airport in Skopje.

Portline, a proud sponsor of Macedonia Economic Summit

The idea of this campaign is to informing guests arriving to Macedonia about the Economic Summit. According to this client, this is one of their best possible locations they could ever think of.

Case Study

British Gas targets commuters and travelers with Hive Active Heating digital out-of-home activities. At Heathrow and Gatwick airports, Hive Active Heating responsive ads featured temperature updates and tailored messages to remind travelers and commuters that with Hive they can control their heating and hot water from their phone.

Airport Areas

Baggage Claim Area

This is the area where arriving passengers claim checked in baggage after disembarking from an airline flight. For advertisers this is the most attractive area since:
  • ✔   the arriving passengers must pass by
  • ✔  The waiting time is up to 20 min
  • ✔  The panels are right in front of you
  • ✔  All of the panels are backlighted and simply cant be missed

Main Hall

This is the area where everyone must pass by once they get in the airport. The characteristics of this area are:
  • ✔  It covers 100% of the people who travel
  • ✔  The circulation is higher in comparison with other areas
  • ✔  An ideal place for different kind of promotions

Departure Area

Most of these companies, many of which are internationally known brands, are located within the departure areas The characteristics of this area are:
  • ✔  Burger King and Duty Free Shop are located in this area
  • ✔  Very good advertising area for big international brands
  • ✔  The average waiting time is higher than 1 hour
  • ✔  Sophisticated VIP lounge