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September 2015

Its all about the creativity. (Apollonia Casino)

We are always exited when new clients come and give us new ideas. This is the case with Apollonia Casino, where, as you can se from the pictures, they came with a great idea through which they wanted to communicate their activities and offers. Together we worked very hard and in the end it seem that it payed off.

T-Mobile rebranding campaign at the Skopje Airport

Portline is delighted to announce that the great relationship with this client still continues and the cooperation increases year by year. This last campaign has to do with T-Mobiles rebranding process. As you can see from the pictures the positions and the creative solutions of Telekom Macedonia are strategically planned and placed in a way that they simply cant be missed.

New mighty client along with a new mighty megalight

Along with the fact that HUAWEI is our latest client, we would proudly like to announce that one of their positions is one of the most attractive ones that we have offered in this last period. The megalight has enormous dimensions and once you enter the airport it can not simply be missed.

Skopje Airport Handles Millionth Passenger in September

Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport welcomed its millionth passenger in September following strong growth this year. The airport handled 145.965 passengers during the month, an excellent increase of 26.1% compared to the same month last year. During the first nine months of 2015 Skopje welcomed..

SKODA campaign in Dublin Airport

This is a very creative campaign which was launched by Skoda at the Dublin Airport. This advertising in its purest form only shows that a great idea executed effectively can only bring great feedback. The message that the SKODA Superb Combi has the biggest boot space in its class is delivered in a very unique and clever way.