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January 2016

Skopje Airport’s Excellent Streak Continues in 2016

Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport continued its excellent streak of results as it posted its twenty fourth consecutive month with registered growth of passenger numbers and its busiest monthly result for January on record. After the stellar growth in 2015, the airport welcomed 109.069 passengers through its doors in the first month this year, thereby growing by an impressive 23.6% compared to the same month last year when the airport served 88.275 passengers. “Alexander the Great” also saw a notable increase of 12% in the number of operated flights with 1.093 registered aircraft movements last month.

Who we are?

Portline Macedonia is a leading marketing agency that works exclusively on offering airport advertising space. The company was established in 2012 and is present at two international airports in Macedonia the Airport "Alexander the Great" in Skopje and Airport “St. Paul the Apostle” in Ohrid. Our company presents you the perfect conditions to reach a large, attentive target audience via targeted promotional activities through our airports. We also offer advertisement advantage on many well-appointed and heavily frequented locations available within our airports.

What special executions do we offer?


Branded columns advertisements at our airports are designed to catch every passengers attention and in the same time create a memorable impression very quickly. They are known to leaving the passengers thinking about the advertisement after they have driven past it.
Our big sized, strategically positioned and impressive backlighted pillars are something that our passengers simply don’t miss when they pass by them.


We offer escalator advertisement at both of our airports (in Skopje and Ohrid). It is recognized as one of the most effective decorative communication materials to do advertising at. By branding escalators, clients can communicate with potential clients very easily at a high commuter density area. During this 30 seconds of riding people have to go through the entire advertisements printed anywhere at the escalator.
The giant size escalator at the “Alexander the Great” Airport in Skopje is placed in the middle of the main hall area and simply cannot go unnoticed. It is a really worth place to brand if you target high quality consumers and if the idea is to increase brand awareness of your presence in Macedonia.


With advertisements on the main entrance/exit doors of our airports which are placed between the public arrivals area and parking lot, you can impress all domestic and international passengers and non-passengers which are arriving or departing from our country, with or without luggage. Every passenger arriving at one of our airports must pass through these doors at least once.
Through this advertisement your brand can offer passengers the feeling as they could reach out and touch your product. We consider that branding of these revolving doors is an ideal medium for short and snappy advertising messages.


An innovative advertising design is usually very hard to miss. It always attracts attention from miles around. Portline Macedonia can offer your brand this prestige opportunity to be seen at one of our airports.
3D objects lately are becoming one of the most common forms of outdoor advertising. Large and prominently placed 3D objects are more and more present in modern time and it is recognized to be the best opportunity which, if combined with creativity, can give your brand the easiest way to grab the attention and imagination of your target audience.


We offer different space branding, and wide walls are one of the most impressive space branding advertisement that our company can offer. Different areas of airport walls (such as main hall, departure or baggage claim) can be a place where your brand can be present and combining those spaces with creative advertisement can be something that your potential client will remember forever.
Making a statement to welcome visitors arriving into the Macedonia, or greeting Macedonian residents returning home, Impact sites in Arrivals zones are a dramatic first experience of the country in which you find yourself.