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April 2014

Wizz Air introduces direct flight from Skopje to Paris.

The company this route will run twice a week from the airport "Alexander the Great" in Skopje.
Also, Wizz Air will fly twice a week new with their newly stationed "Airbus A320" from Skopje to Cologne (every Monday and Friday) and the tickets to this German city will cost 29.99 euros.
Wizz Air has direct flights from Skopje to a dozen European destinations, and they have also announced flights to Frankfurt and Brussels.

Did you know that:

The airport is the hardest working medium?
The airport advertisements are seen 365 days per year, 24 hours per day
The airport has the greatest captivation of the audience?
The ever increasing waiting time on airports offers the possibility to reach your target audience on several strategic positions:
10 to 20 minutes on Check-in
45 to 65 minutes in the waiting lounges before the flight
15 to 25 minutes on Passport Control
15 to 25 minutes in the Baggage Reclaim Area
The airport target audience is considered as the one with the highest income?
Airports offer an audience with high purchasing power. According to the latest research in the field, these people are usually the early adopters of new technologies, and they also spend more money on leisure and luxury items.
Airport is the medium with the greatest targeting segmentation?
The possibility to target Managers – decision makers for their respective companies.
Airport advertisement has the lowest cost per thousand?
A relatively low price per thousand persons of high quality audience in comparison with TV, radio or print media.
The airport is the fastest growth media worldwide?
Airport advertising along with internet advertising is the fastest growing medium in the world.

Case Study (Fly by EYE)

• EYE used neuroscience to deal in proof rather than potential
•  The research showed how consumers really think and feel about advertising
• Airport campaigns achieved 18% higher responses than roadside
• Digital campaigns achieved 21% higher providing better proof and accountability than any other media

Some interesting happenings at the airport during this month

• Katarina Ivanovska arrived at our airport from Munich where she had a photo shoot for Peek & Kloppenburg advertising campaign.
• The Macedonian national karate team departed to Tampere, Finland, to participate at the European Karate Championship


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