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May 2014

Record Breaking Year for Skopje Airport in Sight

Skopje’s “Alexander the Great” airport continues to record high growth rates which are among the highest in Europe. In the month of May this year the airport saw 109.029 registered passengers, representing an increase of almost 24% in comparison to the same month last year. Apart from passenger growth, “Alexander the Great” also recorded a high growth of operated flights in May with a total of 1.175 flights or about 22% more than the 966 flights in the same month last year.

New campaigns during May

In May 2014 our client “Zlaten Dab” started with a new campaign and continued with their presence in the Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport . This client has proved to be very creative when it comes to its communication strategy. Have a look at the photos that we made:

Airport Areas

Baggage Claim Area

This is the area where arriving passengers claim checked in baggage after disembarking from an airline flight.
For advertisers this is the most attractive area since:
✓ All the arriving passengers must pass by
✓ The waiting time is up to 20 min
✓ The panels are right in front of you
✓ All of the panels are backlighted and simply cant be missed

Main Hall

This is the area where everyone must pass by once they get in the airport.
The characteristics of this area are:
✓ It covers 100% of the people who travel
✓ The circulation is higher in comparison with other areas
✓ An ideal place for different kind of promotions

Departure Area

Most of these companies, many of which are internationally known brands, are located within the departure areas
The characteristics of this area are:
✓ Burger King and Duty Free Shop are located in this area
✓ Very good advertising area for big international brands
✓ The average waiting time is higher than 1 hour
✓ Sophisticated VIP

Case Study

This is a campaign of a company that offers internet packages and it took place in the Auckland Airport in New Zealand. They set promotional stands equipped with computers and in those stands the passengers could surf the internet during the time they wait for their flight. The campaign was considered very successful since it was a great way to introduce their great internet speed to potential consumers.