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November 2014

New Clients in November

During this month there were several new activities in the aspect of airport advertisement at the “Alexander the Great” Airport in Skopje. Out of all the activities, the ones which left the biggest mark in November were the campaigns from DelCo and Pakomak. DelCo started advertising at our airport for the first time with a corporate campaign. Their advertising panels are placed in the arrival and departure areas. The second important activity was the Pakomak campaign, who together with Portline and TAV started a project which promotes social awareness and social responsibilities. Through this campaign our aim is to inform and educate all the passengers, how important keeping the environment clean is. Here are some pictures regarding to these activities.

Portline – We Take Care of the Environment

Caring for a healthy environment also means caring for our own health. A healthy environment goes hand in hand with a healthy society. Portline Macedonia has taken on the challenge for a sustainable preservation of the natural riches, as well as the commitment to take care and preserve nature and the environment for the future generations in Macedonia.

For this purpose, on the initiative of Portline Macedonia and TAV Macedonia, a cooperation was established with the waste management company Pakomak for the implementation of a joint project and an advertising campaign on Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport aimed at raising public awareness for the need to recycle and selective disposal of packaging waste, as well as the importance of keeping the environment clean.

New direct flights from Skopje Airport in 2015

Swiss International Air Lines has announced the planned expansion of routes from its Geneva base which will start from the 2015 summer season and will see the carrier introduce flights to eight new destinations, one of which will be Skopje “Alexander the Great” Airport. Services from Geneva to Skopje will initially operate once per week from April 4, and will increase to two times per week, every Tuesday and Saturday, starting from July 11. The Swiss flag carrier will also maintain flights from Zurich to Skopje announcing that it plans to further strengthen its presence in the wider Balkan region in 2015.

Macedonia’s two international airports, Skopje and Ohrid, are also set to see the launch of several new routes and the arrival of new airlines next year following a record breaking 2014. Skopje Alexander the Great Airport will establish links to Spain and Norway which will be subsidized by the government, as well as several other European countries by mid-2015. Besides flights to Spain and Norway, Skopje Airport is also expected to see services to new destinations in Germany, Switzerland and Russia next year.

Portline – Supporter of the campaign “End Violence Against Women!”

Our company showed its support for the “End Violence Against Women!” campaign by designing an orange cover photo with the hashtag #orangehood.

Case Study

The digital 6-sheets detected the dominant color worn by the person standing in front of it and applied this to the creative. The campaign also deployed location-specific messaging encouraging consumers to visit the nearest Boots store to buy Dove’s Invisible Dry deodorant.